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About Us

The impetus for the creation of Overflow Marketing Communications was in response to current corporate trends towards outsourcing. As businesses look to control costs by reducing staffing, workloads for marketing executives and managers are overwhelming. The quality and effectiveness of marketing programs suffer but this is not a reflection of Marketing Executive Competency. After fielding the feedback from hundreds of marketing executives and after consulting with hundreds of creative professionals, the need for this resource became apparent. OMC seeks to Empower Marketing Executives so that they can fulfill their potential and the potential of marketing programs for their respective companies.

Our History: The LLC was formed in April of 2008 after nearly two years of consideration. This company is fresh. This company is new.

Our People: OMC consists of a core group of professionals with hundreds of years of collective marketing experience. OMC will manage a specific marketing project, a specific portion of your program, or your entire marketing program.

Our Pledge: We pledge to provide our clients the following:

We are results driven and cost conscious. We recognize that our success is a function of your success.

We are not constrained in style or imagination. Our culture draws from both current trends and time-honored traditions.

We will use the best techniques and technology to deliver the best product with a clear vision for the future.